Crown Castle International Corp. (CCI)

Exchange: New York Stock Exchange
Currency: USD

Price: 144.25 (Close)



52 Week range 200d Moving Avg. Beta
147.85 – 204.45 174.81 0.67
Dividend Dividend Yield Ex-Dividend date
5.80 3.87% 2022-09-14
P/E Ratio Latest EPS DGR 3 years
69.20 1.34 8.50%
Low Volatility
Dividend Growth


Crown Castle International Corp. is a real estate investment trust company, which engages in the provision of access to wireless infrastructure via long-term contacts. It operates through the following segments: Towers and Fiber. The Towers segment offers access, including space or capacity towers dispersed throughout the United States. The Fiber segment covers access, including space or capacity of fiber primarily supporting small cell networks and fiber solutions. The company was founded by Ted B. Miller Jr. and Edward C. Hutcheson Jr. in 1994 and is headquartered in Houston, TX.


Sector: Industry:
Finance Real Estate Investment Trusts

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Ratings

Total ESG Score

20 – 20 percentile


6 – 1 percentile


4 – 1 percentile


3 – 1 percentile

Controversy level



see MSCI ESG rating explained

Dividend Safety Metrics

Latest EPS 1.34
Annual Payout 5.80
Payout Ratio 432.84%
Dividend growth 4 Years
Dividend Score 66
Dividend Coverage Ratio 0.44
Altman-Z score 0.00


Crown Castle International Corp. (CCI) Valuation

Crown Castle International Corp.’s current dividend yield of 3.87% is 18% above its 5-year average. The 5-year average dividend yield is 3.28% (see red-line in chart). This indicates the stock may be undervalued today.

Crown Castle International Corp. (CCI) Performance

The chart below displays the total price return(%) of Crown Castle International Corp. for different periods:


Crown Castle International Corp. (CCI) Total Return

The chart below displays the (CAGR) total return (%) including all dividends paid of Crown Castle International Corp. for different periods:


Dividend Scorecard

Dividend Yield (TTM) Annual Payout Payout Ratio Dividend growth
3.87 5.80 432.84% 4 Years


Dividend Growth Summary

3 Year Growth Rate (CAGR) 8.50%
5 Year Growth Rate (CAGR) 8.66%
10 Year Growth Rate (CAGR) 0.00%

Dividend Growth Rates History

Year Payout Amount Annual Payout Growth (YoY)
2022 1.470 -%
2021 5.460 10.8%
2020 4.930 7.8%
2019 4.575 7.0%
2018 4.275 9.6%
2017 3.900 8.2%
2016 3.605 7.8%
2015 3.345 78.9%
2014 1.870 0.0%

Crown Castle International Corp. (CCI) Dividend Payment History