Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) becomes more important to shareholders. Investors paying more attention to ESG stocks and the number of companies that report on CSR are still growing.

ESG-ratings are for example calculated by the investment research firm MSCI. This firm maintains MSCI ESG ratings on nearly 2,800 companies and is a good source for investors, see for example the ESG Search-tools. Another good ESG data source is Sustainalytics, which is a Morningstar company.

The MSCI ESG ratings range from industry leaders (AAA, AA), to average (A, BBB, BB) to laggard (B, CCC).


Out of the 30 Dow companies, MSCI ranks 12 blue-chip stocks as leaders, which are:

CompanyTickerMSCI ESG-rating
3M CompanyMMMAAA
Microsoft CorporationMSFTAAA
Merck & Co., IncMRKAAA
Coca-Cola Company (The)KOAA
salesforce.com, incCRMAA
Honeywell International IncHONAA
American Express CompanyAXPAA
Cisco Systems Inc.CSCOAA
Home Depot Inc. (The)HDAA
International Business Machines CorporationIBMAA
Intel CorporationINTCAA